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Ketuba - Marriage Document

Ketubot prepared in English and Hebrew

A Ketuba or Kesuba is a marriage document that spells out the obligation the man has towards the woman. Since the man has the obligation to get married, he therefore must provide her with certain securities that will protect her from unfortunate possible situations that could harm her.


In order to fill in a Jewish marriage certificate, certain information is needed. The order will be in the order in which they appear in the Ketuba.

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Information for Your Ketuba:

Please note that some of the information on this form is very personal
and highly confidential.  It is necessary in order to accurately
prepare your Ketuba and will be treated with total confidentiality


Person filling out form
First name
Last name
Street address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal code
Home Phone

Day of week wedding
will take place

The day is determined from sundown to sundown.
For example, Saturday night is considered Sunday.
Sunday continues until sundown Sunday evening.
At that point, the day is considered Monday.

Hebrew Date of wedding


Name of city where
wedding will take place


State and Country


Some people add the state and the country,
but many authorities suffice with the city.
This should be discussed with your Rabbi.

Hebrew Name of Groom

This includes his first and middle names.  Most do not
include the last name in the Hebrew section of a Ketuba.

Hebrew Names of the father of the groom

Biological Father      Yes     No
If the Hebrew names are not known at all, the secular names may
be used.  They would be spelled phonetically with Hebrew characters.
Legal status of woman getting married
  Adopted       Converted
The brides Hebrew names.

Hebrew Names of the father of the bride.

Biological Father     Yes     No
Many include the Hebrew names of the mothers as well.  One of reasons why we include the father's names , is that we follow the identification method in the Torah. But remember, the mother determines the religion of the person. There is nothing more important than that!!
Is the father of the bride alive?
  Yes       No
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