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The Ceremony

Following is a general outline of the ceremony. 
Additional honors may be added where necessary.

The mother of the baby begins the ceremony, by handing her son to the K"vatterin, a woman, who assists her in introducing her son to the "Bris Experience".

We invite the K"vatterin into the room, who will then hand the baby to the K"vatter. (The K"vatter is a man who assists the father in beginning the Bris Ceremony).

The K"vatter then brings the baby closer to the location where the bris will be performed.  (K"vatterin-female; K"vatter-male)

As the baby is brought into the room, everyone says: Baruch Haba-ah, or welcome! The Mohel then quotes a number of passages from the Torah in regards to the significance of the ceremony.

The K"vatter then gives the baby to the man who will place the baby on the chair of Eliyahu Hanavi, or the chair of Elijah the prophet.

As the baby is placed upon the chair of Eliyahu, the Mohel recites a number of passages, relating to Eliyahu Hanavi, and his significance to the bris ceremony.

The baby is then picked up from the chair of Eliyahu and presented to the father of the baby.

The father takes the baby, and places his son on the lap of the Sandek, or the man who holds the baby during the actual bris itself.

The father then appoints the Mohel as his agent to perform the bris on his son.

At that point the Mohel recites the blessing of circumcision, and perform the bris.

The father recites ... Blessing for father: Baruch ata Ado-noy, Elo-hainu Melech ha-olam,asher kidishanu, b'mitzvosav v'tzivanu l'hachniso biv-riso,shel Avraham Avinu.

After the blessing, the baby is given to the Sandek Shainy who holds the baby during the naming ceremony. This honor may be divided into two parts if necessary.

Immediately after the naming of the baby, the baby is given back to the K"vatter who then gives baby to mother.

The dining part of the Bris begins with the blessing over the Challah or bread. (Obviously, The Challah must be Kosher!).

With the blessing over the bread, we end the ceremonial portion of the Bris.  Mazel Tov!

After the conclusion of the festive meal, one person is honored to lead in grace or "benching", and six people recite special blessings for the family and honorees of the Bris ceremony.

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