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Special Blessings for Baby and Honorees


1. The compassionate One!  May He Bless the father and mother of the child; and may they merit to raise him, to educate him and to make him wise, from the eighth onward may his blood be pleasing, and may Hashem his G-d be with him.

2. The compassionate One! May He bless the master of the circumcision covenant, who rejoiced to do justice with glee, and may his deed be rewarded, his recompense be doubled, and may He place him even higher.

3. The compassionate One! May He bless the tender circumcised eight day old and may his strength and heart be a trust to G-d, and may he merit to perceive the Divine Presence three times a year.

4. The compassionate One! May He bless him who circumcised the uncut flesh, and revealed and drew the bloods of the circumcision, the service of the coward and the faint-hearted is unfit - and if he does not perform upon it these three acts.

5. The compassionate One! May He send us His anointed who goes with wholesomeness in the merit of the groom bloodied for the sake of circumcision to proclaim good tidings and consolations, to the one nation dispersed and splintered among the nations.

6. The compassionate One! May He send us the righteous Kohen who was taken into hiding, until His throne is established bright as sun and diamond, he who covered his face with his cloak and enwrapped himself, My covenant was with him for life and peace.

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