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Baby Care after Bris Milah

Baby Care After Bris Milah

1. The care for your baby after the Bris Milah is very simple.  You do not need medical training to care for your baby!

2. Wash your hands well, before changing baby's diaper.  Carefully  open a gauze pad envelope and remove the gauze pad.   Holding the gauze at the top, rip the gauze pad in two.  Place one half back into the envelope.

3. Squeeze some Bacitracin onto the gauze pad and smear it around, not with your finger, but rather, by folding over the pad.

4. Place the gauze pad over the bris area, and slightly squeeze the edges of the gauze pad, thereby creating an envelope like covering over the bris.

5. Continue this for twenty-four hours, or until otherwise advised.

6. A spot or two of blood is to be expected.

7. If anything bothers you for any reason, do not hesitate to call, even at three in the morning!

   My phone number in Dade is 305-651-BRIS - 305-651-2747
         and outside the area is 1-800-SHY-BRIS - 1-800-749-2747
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